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“UP Magazine and its partners, Airtel bring you the DXD 2015 and Ciroc Vodka, a platform to recognize and award local changemakers and innovators in the world of design.”

UP Magazine and its keystone partners seek to elevate ‘design’ in its various disciplines in Kenya as a national priority and to espouse design’s importance as a vital tool towards shaping a sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing world.

UP Magazine, Airtel Kenya and Ciroc launched the official call for entries to DXD 2015  on the 19th of  February 2015. DXD  is a competition for designers and game changing innovators seeking recognition for the impact of their work in their field of design...Read More

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DXD Nominee: Alex Mativo0

DXD Nominee: Alex Mativo

Who ever thought that old electronic chips would make fancy fashion accessory for anyone to buy wear? This is how Alex Mativo, founder of E-lab, is disrupting the fashion and art industry in Kenya. He founded ...

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DXD Nominee: Spatial Collective—Mtaa Safi0

DXD Nominee: Spatial Collective—Mtaa Safi

What if we lived in a community where everyone is concerned about each other, where your problem becomes my problem and everyone looks for practical solutions to enhance our status? This is the principle that is ...

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Graphic Design

DXD Nominee: Leti Arts0

DXD Nominee: Leti Arts

Founded in 2009 by three friends brought together by their passion for innovation, creativity and change, Leti Arts is an interactive media studio which develops cross-platform interactive media products based on African history and folklore, including ...

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DXD Nominee: Jagari Designs0

DXD Nominee: Jagari Designs

Janerose Gatobu started Jagari Designs in October 2014 and has since flourished into creating versatile, unique and authentic pieces. “This led to combining the elements of design, culture and approach of people in Africa and the ...

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DXD Nominee: Studio Propolis0

DXD Nominee: Studio Propolis

Established in 2005 by Naeem Bivji and Bethan Rayner, this service design workshop focuses on crafting beautiful, imaginative, quality spaces and products. They therefore design, prototype and make anything from a chair to a building. According to ...

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DXD Nominee: Sean Fraser- Studio Confluence0

DXD Nominee: Sean Fraser- Studio Confluence

“Disruption by design means using design to find ways to live in harmony with our increasingly besieged planet. By designing with the intelligence of natural systems rather than a cold disregard for them we can solve ...

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Visual Arts

DXD Nominee: Ng'endo Mukii - Bringing New Perspectives to ‘This African Business'0

DXD Nominee: Ng’endo Mukii – Bringing New Perspectives to ‘This African Business’

Artist and film director Ng’endo Mukii’s work takes us to a whole new realm, both in style and content. Her short film “Yellow Fever” incorporates everything from animation, interview, dance, and the presentation of old  manuscripts. Revolving around the issue ...

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